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Kind Words

February 2015
Renascence surprises both parents and students by raising the bar for what young children can achieve academically. Our children started in preK, and they and their peers were taught an accelerated curriculum in Mandarin Chinese, as well as Spanish and English. The academic standards follow an international and not just US or Asian standard, and when the teachers and kids expected (and knew) nothing less, they absorbed math, Spanish and English at levels unseen in most other schools we've seen in CA, WA, and MA. Last year, we moved schools for a number of reasons, and send our kids to another highly regarded private school that has a heavy liberal arts focus taught only in English. We were concerned that since our kids were in Chinese immersion for 2.5 years, they may be behind their peers in their reading comp, vocabulary, and writing. However, Renascence gave them a solid foundation. They got outstanding grades in English, vocab and grammar this first semester at the new school. They also took the WISC IV IQ assessments, and their reading comp reconfirmed that their Chinese immersion education did not negatively impact their English education at all. - a parent

April 2013
We are so proud to be a part of a school where the curriculum speaks for itself. Our children are not only learning Mandarin and Spanish, but advanced in all of their subjects, credit given to the teachers and the curriculum! – a parent